“Paul and Neil are a talented team who bring skill and professionalism to any production. “

  “They are smart, talented guys who are great to work with.”

  “We like working with Paul and Neil because their organized, efficient workflow saves us

  “Their creativity, attention to detail, and professionalism are why they are our go-to

time and money.”

Current Grip and Lighting is dedicated to providing our clientele with the convenience and efficiencies that new lighting and battery technologies offer.  Along with our traditional lighting and electrical systems, we offer our clients a variety of LED lighting fixtures with battery-powered options. This provides our clients with lighting solutions that are much quicker to deploy which saves time and money, as well as creating a safer more efficient and organized set. Current Grip and Lighting continue to explore ways to integrate new lighting methods and technologies with traditional instruments directly benefiting our client’s needs.

lighting solution for any type of project."

  “Bottom line: great guys, great gear.”